Filming Application Process

Liverpool Film Office is a one-stop-shop for all filming and photography in the city. We are a dedicated team within Liverpool City Council for productions & locations and can assist with all enquiries and relevant liaisons & permissions.



All FILMING on or around Liverpool City Council land, buildings, facilities and Public Highways WILL REQUIRE PERMISSION*

Film Permit Admin Fees

Our Film Permit Admin Fees document also includes other film related fees that may be of use.

For our fees, click here.

For information, Liverpool City Region registered production companies will not be charged for Film Permits (but will still need to apply).

Film Permit Terms & Conditions 

Please find above the ‘Terms & Conditions’ for the Film Permit, these will need to be agreed to as part of the application process prior to submission.

Child Licences

If you are employing children in your production, you may need to apply for a licence from the Education Welfare Service. Follow this link for the application form and further details.

Parking (Liverpool City Council only)

Suspensions of pay and display bays may be granted in special circumstances (such as filming) for a fee of £24 per bay each day, plus a £25 administration fee.

Apply to suspend pay and display parking bays here.

Apply for a dispensation to park on a single yellow line here.

For more information, please visit the Liverpool City Council website here.

For parking in Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, Halton and St Helens, please contact Liverpool Film Office.


(Liverpool Film Office on behalf of) Liverpool City Council (LCC) uses your personal data to process applications you submit on behalf of film makers and production companies, wanting permission to film on council / public property, parks and general streets/ highways areas as well as crematoriums & cemeteries.

LCC are required to process your data prior to entering a contract with you and we do not require your permission.

Your personal information will only be used and processed by the Liverpool Film office team in order to achieve your filming permission and will be reviewed or destroyed after 5 years.

Your information will be held in EU and US systems.

If you are concerned about how we are using your data, please make contact via Liverpool City Councils freedom of information page

More information about your rights is available on our website, or via the Information Commissioner (