Liverpool writer and director signs up John Hurt for new film

VETERAN actor John Hurt is set to star in a new short film being shot in Merseyside.

The 74-year-old has agreed to shoot Break as a favour for its writer and director, Liverpool actor Nick Moss, after being pitched the story when the two worked together on Dwayne Johnson blockbuster Hercules

Break, due to be filmed in the Waterloo and Crosby area from the end of this month, will also star actress Kika Markham.

Nick said: “I worked on Hercules with John a couple of years ago. I gave Peter Mullan (who was also in the film) the script and he said to him ‘Have a look at it, it’s great’.”

He added: “John liked it and said he’d do it for nothing.”

The film, which is being supported by LA Productions, is currently looking for backing on the Kickstarter website, where it has already secured the majority of its £3,000 goal.

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