Lime Pictures has secured the rights to the best-selling children’s book trilogy by James Nicol “The Apprentice Witch”, the sequel “A Witch Alone” and the forthcoming “A Witch Come True” from leading children’s publisher Chicken House and The Viney Shaw Agency.

Lime Pictures’ Joint Head of Kids Angelo Abela and Tim Compton and Barry Cunningham, Managing Director, Chicken House today announce that Lime has secured the option to adapt the bestselling kid’s trilogy The Apprentice Witch and is set to bring the magic of Lull to life in a live action drama adaptation for 8-12 year olds.

About Lime Pictures

Lime is one of the UK’s largest independent production companies and is the production house behind double Emmy award-winning Netflix original series Free Rein. Publishing rights to the magical trilogy set in a cosy world reminiscent of pre-war England have already sold to several countries around the World.

The Apprentice Witch trilogy follows the story of Arianwyn, who has spent her young life preparing for her witch’s evaluation, only to fail it in a very public way. As the artillery of war rumbles in the distance, Arianwyn is billeted to the remote village of Lull, to serve and protect the villagers as their district witch. But sleepy Lull is not all it seems. There is a strict curfew, a mystery surrounding the fate of their previous witch and something terrible is growing in the woods … Arianwyn finds herself facing a test far greater than any exam.

New ‘Kids Division’ at Lime Pictures

Lime recently announced Angelo Abela and Tim Compton as Head of Lime Kids alongside Louise Sutton as Head of Drama and YA (Young Adults) as the company builds its scripted division for further growth in both the UK and US following the multi award-winning success of Netflix original series Free Rein.

Lime Joint Head of Kids, Angelo Abela and Tim Compton comment; ‘The Apprentice Witch has warmth and style in abundance, from its immediately lovable characters to its nostalgic setting. And Arianwyn is the perfect role model for anyone fighting to express their true gifts. She doesn’t fit the mold, so she’s going to have to break it – in a journey of self-discovery that’s perfect for a family audience.’

Lime Joint Managing Directors Kate Little and Claire Poyser add; ‘James has created a wonderful world teeming with magic and adventure and a fabulous heroine in Arianwyn. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Barry and the team at Chicken House; their amazing eye for original and groundbreaking storytelling for younger readers feels like a fantastic fit for Lime’s extensive experience in producing the highest quality drama for kids and young adults. We are really excited about the potential of this creative partnership.’

Chicken House

Barry Cunningham, Publisher and Managing Director, Chicken House comments; ‘The plans for the TV series are incredibly exciting – I can’t wait to see the cast of amazing characters on screen. Perhaps James and I will be allowed to visit Lull and meet Bob, the moon hare – or even (gasp) Arianwyn and Salle themselves!’
Kate Shaw, Director of The Viney Shaw Agency on behalf of James Nicol, author and creator, adds; ‘We’re thrilled to be working with the terrific team at Lime for James’s brilliant books. They understand completely the utter charm of his characters, the gorgeously nostalgic world he’s created and its terrors.’